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So What's the Deal with Natural Deodorant Anyway?

Posted by Nathan Favre on
So What's the Deal with Natural Deodorant Anyway?

Most people use an anti-perspirant deodorant, and little do they know, the active ingredient within that deodorant is aluminium salts which serve the purpose of blocking your pores completely closed so you physically cannot sweat.  Here’s the yuck bit...  You actually continue to sweat under the skin surface, hyperactively, in order to achieve the cooling response required by the body.  So when that deodorant wears off, the smell you start to smell is a combination of the aluminium salts from your pores and all of the trapped bacteria that has been gathering in your pores. Yuck right?

Sweating is a natural response to your body needing to cool itself and eliminate toxins.  The removal of toxins from our body happens in four ways: via our bowels, urine, breath and sweat.  Failure to eliminate these toxins via these pathways sees the toxins enter the bloodstream.

Heavy Sweaters- Right now, you may be wearing a strong anti-perspirant product that is smeared across your armpits blocking that sweat, making you feel temporarily better (or more normal).  Meanwhile your body is trying to sweat, and when it can't, it's producing more, and more, and more to try to force that cooling response it needs. This sweat then has to go somewhere, I often use the analogy of weeing in a wetsuit, it has to runoff somewhere.  After a while, your body sees the need to hyperactively sweat as a normal function and this is the default until it is allowed to do otherwise.  So when your anti-perspirant wears, it's like the floodgates open and you are at that moment a very heavy sweater.

If you reframe your ideas around sweating and appreciate that it is a vital process you can cure yourself of excessive sweating.  Simply allow your body to sweat as much as it needs to without restricting it.  Your body will adjust the amount you sweat very quickly to find its natural flow (homeostasis).  In the meantime, a product like Pure Deo Co. will allow you to sweat but will ensure that your sweat doesn't smell bad, simply by keeping the environment under of armpit healthy and free of smelly bacteria.

So in summary, a purely natural deodorant like Pure Deo Co. works by allowing your body to sweat firstly (which will settle down once you have cleared the horrible anti-perspirant from your pores).  Your sweat itself generally won't smell, however bacteria can form on the skin surface and on clothing which causes body odour.

Pure Deo Co. contains the best food grade coconut oil available which allows your skin to breathe and is naturally anti-microbial making it very hard for bacteria to grow.  We use either organically harvested sodium bicarbonate or magnesium to neutralise bacteria instantly and continue to perform this action throughout the day.  This way, bacteria is killed/neutralised rather than masked with a fragrance.

The product is held together with the finest organic and sustainable Australian beeswax and softened to a luxurious texture with certified fair trade shea butter.  The scents in our range are pure organic essential oils that have been chosen for their antibacterial properties and aromatherapy benefits.

Changing to a natural deodorant will positively affect your health on many levels. 

  • You will detoxify from the many chemicals that have been compounding in your dermal layers and breast tissue (a recent study has seen aluminium salts manifest into metastatic breast tumors in mice...); 
  • You will cease applying a non-organic neurotoxin to your epidermis on a daily basis and blood toxicity from deodorant will stop;
  • Your body will naturally find homeostasis by being able to sweat uninhibited by foreign material;
  • Your body odour will no longer be poisoned by chemicals; and
  • You will be taking another important step to enhance and protect your health.

I hope this information has been helpful to you.  If you have any questions or wish to learn more about the benefits of natural deodorant feel free to contact us.

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