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Deodorant developed for an active lifestyle and to withstand all of the hot moments and stresses of daily life.

Most people who use an anti-perspirant deodorant are unaware that the active ingredient in many deodorants is aluminium salts, which actually block your pores, so your body is unable to sweat.

The main function of sweat is to control body temperature and eliminate toxins. When blocking sweat with aluminium salts you actually continue to sweat under the skin surface, hyperactively, in order to achieve the cooling response required by the body. The toxins are either absorbed by your body or metabolised through your lymphatic system.

When that anti-perspirant deodorant wears off, the smell you detect is a combination of the aluminium salts from your pores and all of the trapped bacteria that has been gathering in your pores. Not nice!

The solution we came up with was to produce an aluminium free deodorant. Instead, Pure Deo Co. deodorants contain high quality food grade coconut oil which allows your skin to breathe and is naturally anti-microbial making it very hard for bacteria to grow. 

We found that there were many health-conscious people who wanted to buy natural deodorant in Australia. After completing our research, we discovered we could make Pure Deo Co. a totally chemical free deodorant that effectively neutralises odour.

Changing to a natural deodorant will positively affect your health on many levels. 

We also found that people wanted to buy sensitive deodorant. So, we only use a small amount of organically harvested sodium bicarbonate which neutralises bacteria instantly and we create luxurious texture using certified fair-trade shea butter.