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Magnesium Deodorant vs. Sodium Bicarbonate Deodorant

Posted by Nathan Favre on

In October 2021, Pure Deo Co. released magnesium based natural deodorants.  Specifically, magnesium hydroxide powder was used to replace sodium bicarbonate as the active odour neutralising ingredient in the deodorant.


Sodium bicarbonate:

Most natural deodorant products contain sodium bicarbonate, often referred to as bicarb, or baking soda in the USA.  This ingredient is very alkaline (high pH) and it is effective by neutralising all bacteria with its sheer alkalinity.  Pure Deo Co. has used an organically mined product that is far finer than the product you may at a supermarket for baking.

If like most you are a little acidic at the skin level, you will most likely be able to use a bicarb based deodorant without any issues of sensitivity or discomfort.  For those that have very sensitive skin or their skin pH is predisposed to developing an irritation from bicarb you may quickly find the product unsuitable.

For those with a sensitivity to bicarb, it can manifest as a burning sensation, a red rash, some localised swelling under the armpit, or discolouration of the skin.  In any of these circumstances we recommend switching out the bicarb deodorant for a magnesium based one.

Bicarb certainly feels powderier on the skin, leaving a residue that we wouldn’t say is abrasive but is certainly noticeable.  This residue will continue to act against any bacteria trying to thrive and wipe it out along with any chance of an odour.


Magnesium hydroxide:

Magnesium deodorant is a much smoother product that is suitable for all skin types.  It’s almost undetectable on the skin in comparison to bicarb.  Magnesium hydroxide binds to odour causing bacteria to neutralise it thus using a less violent mechanism to eliminate odour. 

Magnesium deodorants apply in a solid paste-like consistency.  Pure Deo Co. products are a solid stick that has a particular hardness specifically to control the amount of product that is transferred to your arm pit, controlling both the amount of residue left on the skin, odour control and to limit stickiness or the transfer of product to clothing.  


Product Strength and Odour Control:

Both deodorant products are manufactured with active ingredient levels to give you equal and long-lasting odour control.  Shortly after the release of our magnesium products we really ramped it up based on feedback from our regular customers, it is now by far our biggest selling product.

Many customers had a very high level of trust in the original bicarb product (which we call our natural deodorant) so that remained available in its original recipe.  The aggressive nature of the odour neutralising really makes it a great product for people that continually sweat it out daily.  

I recommend the magnesium deodorant as the best all-round deodorant suitable for all skin types.  It protects you from developing body odour, it’s nourishing to your skin and works beautifully with you to find your body’s balance of sweating, cooling, and detoxifying.


Things to Look For in a Natural Deodorant:

 There are some aspects to Pure Deo Co.’s deodorant that make it the best in its field, it’s smoother, stronger, doesn’t mark clothing and lasts all day.  As a minimum, we recommend looking for these characteristics in a deodorant:

  • Make sure it’s oil based. A water based natural deodorant is going to wick off your skin at the first hint of sweating and from then on you are on your own.  Oil based products will hold the active ingredient to your skin and still allow your skin to breathe.
  • Check the colour. If it’s yellow, it most likely has an unfiltered wax in it and it will mark your clothing.  Likewise, if it is a charcoal-based product, which can be great, makes sure it is only a very light shade of grey for daytime use.
  • Is it crumbly? I often inspect other brands deodorant in stores, and I am amazed at the number of products that are crumbly, poorly made, or attached to their plastic lids.  Unfortunately waxes like carnauba and candelilla often create a poor product (the shelf life of these waxes is only 12 months but there is often little control over their lifecycle prior to export from Brazil and Mexico).
  • Look for good quality oil ingredients. Virgin single source coconut oil, coconut derived CCT oil and jojoba oil are by far the best products for this product.  Avoid soy-based oils and others that you suspect may be grown in GMO centred farming processes.

 If you are transitioning from an antiperspirant product to a natural product, we recommend giving it at least two weeks for your body to adjust to its newfound ability to sweat naturally and detoxify but rest assured a good quality deodorant like Pure Deo Co. will control any body odour and support you through that transition.


Check out Pure Deo Co. Magnesium Deodorant and Natural (bicarb) Deodorant.


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