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Return and Refund Policy

We do not accept returns of personal care items for health and safety reasons.

Due to these products being personal care items we will not refund or exchange items unless they have defects or damage caused in the production of the product, or the product is yet to be shipped. Pure Deo Co. produces their products under strict conditions of measurement, cleanliness and record keeping. We do not accept liability for an individual’s reaction to ingredients contained within our products nor do we accept liability for an individual’s own body odour whilst using our products as this can be a result of many factors including but not limited to: diet, general health, stress, toxicity, hygiene and lifestyle.


If your product has not yet shipped and you request a refund, you may be refunded the transaction amount less the fees associated with the original sale (2% for Shopify payments, 3% for PayPal orders and 6% for Afterpay orders).  If you been sent a tracking number from your shipment, we cannot issue a refund.

We do however, guarantee to try to help you to find a natural solution that suits your needs and will provide advice throughout this process.