Detox Deodorant
Detox Deodorant
Detox Deodorant
Pure Deo Co.

Detox Deodorant

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Many people find switching to a natural deodorant to be a complex process. Detoxing from anti-perspirants, deodorants, and the build up of heavy metals can be a slow process. Toxins can also build up over time in response to stress, medications, dietary choices, alcohol, cigarette smoking and free radical pollutants. In many cases, the switch to a natural deodorant can involve a period of skin sensitivity as a result of these toxins escaping your system. People often think that this is a reaction to sodium bicarbonate that is found in many natural deodorants.


Pure Deo Co. Detox Deodorant assists your body to release toxins that have built up over years in a fast and gentle manner. Bentonite Clay used in this product behaves like a magnet to those heavy metals trapped in your pores. Activated charcoal detoxifies and absorbs toxins aiding a neutral PH level under your arms. Other ingredients neutralise bacteria while you detoxify so that you do not experience unpleasant odour in the process.


This product is designed to be used as an initial detoxifying product and as an aide to adjusting to a natural deodorant. After an initial detoxification period you can go through this process again using this product following periods where you feel you need to rebalance yourself and detoxify or get yourself back on track (for example following the Christmas period or similar indulgences or following a particularly stressful period of your life).


Detoxification is always best supported by drinking plenty of filtered water, working up the occasional sweat, and wearing loose fitting good quality cotton rich clothing.




Firstly, due to this product having activated charcoal in it, you need to take care with its application as it can mark light coloured clothing. Therefore we recommend two different ways to use this product depending on your needs:


  1. Use this product daily as your primary deodorant product. Apply two gentle swipes to each armpit after washing. If the product has left a black residue on your skin it is recommended that you rub it in gently with your hands, washing your hands afterwards. This product will draw out toxins throughout the course of the day and provide you with protection against odour. Continue this process for 7 to 14 days before moving on to Pure Deo Co. Natural Deodorant; or


  1. Apply this product in the evening for a more intensive detoxification process. After washing, apply four or five swipes of this product under each armpit. Leave this product on for 30 minutes before washing off with warm water and a good quality soap product as free of toxins as possible. During the day you can either wear no deodorant being mindful that you will most likely emit some odour through the day as you detoxify or use Pure Deo Co. Natural Deodorant which does not contain any toxins and will not inhibit the release of any toxins in the process. Continue this process for 7 to 14 days. (If we had to wear white shirts each day, we would go for this method.)





Virgin Coconut Oil*, Arrowroot*, Sodium Bicarbonate (Aluminium Free and Naturally Harvested)*, Beeswax*, Bentonite Clay*, Shea Nut Butter (Butyrospemum Parkii)*, Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree Essential Oil (100% Pure)*.


*Certified Organic


You may experience a slight feeling of heat or mild redness to your armpits during this process as there will be increased blood flow to your armpits. This is a good thing and you need not be alarmed. Pain or irritation should not occur. If it does, remove the product and make contact with us to discuss your individual needs.



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It’s funny how you send this out but I still haven’t received the product so you haven’t fulfilled my order

Best deodorant

Favourite natural deodorant 👌🏽🙌🏽


From day one of use, I've had zero smell. We had a really hot day which made me sweat but there was no smell. I usually sweat every day and mainstream deodorant makes me smell, but this product is amazing!!


Detox Deodorant

Excellent product!

Been using the detox deodorant for just over a week now, smells clean and have notice already that I’m sweating less. The first couple of days I was experiencing an unpleasant odour but I now know that it is all the toxins coming out of my body! Definitely smelling less now and will be using the lemongrass scent after one more week of the detox deodorant! Definitely recommend!