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Who Makes Your Deodorant?
Most people call us Faith and Nath, our three babies call us Mummy and Daddy (or Mumma and The Big Baboon) and we make natural deodorant.
It started on our kitchen stovetop many years ago as we had searched the earth and internet for a natural deodorant that would keep the flies at bay as Nathan worked long days often out in the sun.  We were on a mission to remove as many toxins from our life as possible as in the years previous, our first baby was born three months premature, and we had several miscarriages as we extended our little family.  There was no available medical solution for this so naturally we looked at lifestyle and the toxins we may have been absorbing along the way.  Aluminium salts and endocrine disruptive ingredients were at the top of our to ditch list.
Fast forward fourteen years and we have three wonderful and rowdy daughters.  We spend our days resting our ears in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Torquay, Australia, peacefully pouring our deodorants with love and the belief that we are making a positive change in the health of every person that chooses to use our deodorant.
Thanks so much for visiting, and feel free to get in touch if we can assist you with your transition to natural deodorant.